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  • Basics of Biology and Pathology for Bio – Hazaemeditation

  • This course provides basic training information that applies to all persons who are at risk of exposure to human blood, blood products, and other potentially infectious materials.

    Under Alberta Fire and Floods blood borne pathogens program, each site supervisor is responsible for ensuring that ail persons (workers, adjusters, home owners, subcontractors, etc.) who are at risk of being exposed to blood borne pathogen at a worksite receive some basic training on how to minimize the potential risk at a biohazard scene.

    This seminar is presented by Patrick Martens  

    Continuing Education Credits – ID #43027

    1) Alberta Insurance Council 2.0 hours Adjuster Certificate
    2) General Insurance Council of Manitoba 2.0 hours
    3) General Insurance Council of Saskatchewan 2.0 hours Technical