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  • Don’t Chase Your Customers Away

  • Are You Scaring Your Customers Away?

    Do you feel your patience wearing thin? Are you lacking results, professionally and personally? Have outside pressures become unbearable?   If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you’ve probably created a laundry list of reasons for your troubles. We are all guilty of playing the blame game from time to time, but how many of us stop to consider that we may actually be standing in the way of our own success? When we lack the proper tools for overcoming negativity, mental blocks and stress, we paralyze ourselves from moving towards our goals. Protect yourself, your professional standards and your career!   This session will foster civility, stability and sanity in a world of high demands on your time, energy and resources.

    Lana will provide you with important, yet simple, tools on how to harness negative thinking patterns, regulate the stress response, assess and tame emotions during times of chaos and cue the mind for relaxation.