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  • Hazardous Materials at Your Workplace

  • Workers desire healthy and comfortable working conditions. When these conditions are not met, job satisfaction, productivity and health may be compromised. It is important that before you start your renovation or demolition project, you need to know about the hazardous materials that could be present at the worksite. They can pose a danger to your employees, contractors and you. Health and safety are important to everyone. 

    In this seminar, we will address only three of the hazardous materials that could potentially invade the worksite. The three that we will cover in this seminar are: Radon, Lead and Silica There are many other hazardous materials in the workplace that one needs to be aware of as well such as mould, asbestos, bacteria, etc. These potentially hazardous materials are addressed in other seminars.


  • Part One: Radon Awareness in The Workplace 

    Learning Outcomes 

    1. This training will teach you: 
    2. Radon and the health effects of radon exposure; 
    3. What to do if you suspect you’re exposed to radon in the workplace; 
    4. Where can you be exposed to radon at work? 
    5. How to test for radon; and 
    6. How can exposure be controlled? 

    Part Two: Lead Awareness in The Workplace 

    Learning Outcomes 

    1. This training will teach you: 
    2. What lead is; 
    3. Why lead was used; 
    4. Where lead is found today; 
    5. How you can be exposed to lead; 
    6. What jobs and hobbies can expose you to lead; 
    7. How to test for lead; and 
    8. The lead-based paint problem in Canada. 


    Part Three: Respirable Crystalline Silica Awareness at Construction Worksites 

    Learning Outcomes 

    1. This training will teach you: 
    2. What respirable crystalline silica is; 
    3. The tasks done in your workplace that can expose you to respirable crystalline silica; 
    4. How breathing in respirable crystalline silica could affect your health; 
    5. The purpose of medical surveillance and what makes up the medical surveillance program; 
    6. The training will help you identify the competent person for silica; 
    7. What employers must do to protect you, such as provide you with equipment that keeps dust out of the air; and 
    8. Learn about the major requirements that the employer must follow in complying with “The Silica Standard” for construction in Alberta. 
    9. Protecting gravel truck operators from crystalline silica dust in road construction projects. 
    • Individuals who understand the forensic restoration guidelines can professionally address the above scenario (which is based on a real case) because this groundbreaking seminar lays out how to evaluate the various risks and provides a template for addressing even the most difficult situations.

    • Because forensic restoration is more than crime and trauma scene cleaning, it is important that all stakeholders i.e. insurance adjusters, property owners and managers, restoration professionals who currently offers services in these areas (or wants to) should attend this important seminar.


  • Instructor

    Patrick Martens is the CEO of an Alberta company that has been in the business of teaching management and safety to the oil and gas industry since 1994. More recently, his focus has been on the integration of management, safety and the environment in maintaining a safe workplace in the restoration industry.

    Pat has Bachelor degrees in both Science and Education plus a Master's degree in Educational Leadership. The Majors in University in Microbiology and Zoology were the prime motivators for his interest in the development of the many environmental hazard seminars that he has developed and delivered for adjusters and property managers. His research and collaboration with the leading environmental researchers in the USA have provided him with the most recent mitigation practices. This research has extended beyond mould and into asbestos, lead, odour, forensics, methamphetamine, fentanyl and many others. The world is changing and it is imperative we in the industry stay ahead of the game in keeping our clients and their families safe and healthy.