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  • Home Based Business – The Growing Trend

      • Brief review of policy wordings
      • Discussion on what the Insurers will take, what they will not and why
      • Discussion on what Revenue Canada considers Self Employed for the home based business
      • Tips on what is required to start a home based business
      • Participants will have an opportunity to review policy wordings associated with Home Based Businesses
      • By discussing what insurers will insure, what they don’t and why will give participants a better understanding so that they make an informed decision where to place the risk the first time
      • Participants will gain knowledge as to what Revenue Canada considers Self Employed for their own as well as for their clients interest
      • Tips given to start a home based business may help anyone considering venturing into this growing trend


    Continuing Education Credits – ID #12770

    1) Alberta Insurance Council 3.75 hours General Certificate
    2) General Insurance Council of Manitoba 3.75 hours
    3) General Insurance Council of Saskatchewan 3.75 hours Technical