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  • Lead-Paint-Abatement-and-Mitigation

  • “Are You Planning to Buy or Rent a Home Built Before 1978?”

    Rehabilitation, restoration, and maintenance projects frequently address old painted surfaces that require preparation and refinishing. In many cases, old lead-based paint is present on these surfaces. Lead is identified as a poison. The presence of lead-based paint in buildings poses a clear danger to the health and safety of their users. Efforts to remove lead paint can create even greater hazards.

    Many government agencies and health groups are discussing the issues related to lead based paint. It is important to recognize that nothing that you do is entirely safe. Removing lead paint creates problems of lead dust, lead fumes, and toxic waste disposal. Encapsulating lead surfaces leaves the problem in potential form. Discarding affected elements destroys the buildings without abating the lead hazard. The risks associated with exposure to lead can be reduced, however, in nearly all circumstances. 

    Consideration of all applicable concerns, and planning of rehabilitation projects with due regard both for health risks and for preservation of significant historic features, is the only prudent way to proceed.

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