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  • Plan Your Ideal Retirement – Beyond the Dollars

  • Are you thinking about retirement?   Perhaps you would like to try a new work arena, or maybe you just want to live life on your terms now, pursuing dreams and activities that you never had time for before.

    People tend to think that as long as they have reached their financial “number”, then retirement will look after itself.  The sad truth is that depression is very common among retirees and this can be caused by lack of purpose in their lives. Retirement means something different to everyone, and just like other phases in life, it is very important to plan for what you want. Retirement planning starts with digging inside and thinking about who you are and what is important to you.

    • What values and accomplishments do you want to have in your life?
    • How will you maintain the “benefits” of work such as purpose, socialization, status, structure, finances and intellectual stimulation?
    • What restraints do you have and how will you work around them instead of letting them define you?

    How will you generate vitality and happiness

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