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  • Seminar Series: Errors and Omissions (E & O) – A Delicate Balance

  • Seminar Description

    This seminar introduces participants to the challenges of identifying and analyzing errors and omissions coverages, risk exposures and claims. Information and exercises, including a case study, will help improve the participants understanding of such risks and how to manage them.

    Topics include analyzing professional liability risks, relating the Commercial General Liability (CGL) Policy to such risks, and the need for an errors and omissions policy.

    This seminar consists of eight (8) sections of material delivered in a one (1) day period.

    Seminar Outline

    Section 1 Defining Professional Liability 60 minutes
    Section 2 Professional Liability and the CGL Policy 30 minutes
    Section 3 Malpractice Risks (Acceptable and Unacceptable) 90 minutes
    Section 4 The E & O / CGL Link 30 minutes
    Section 5 Coverage Triggers 60 minutes
    Section 6 Policy Features – Case Study 60 minutes
    Section 7 E & O Risks (Acceptable and Unacceptable) 60 minutes
    Section 8 E & O Claims Handling 60 minutes


    Continuing Education Credits – ID #2523

    1) Alberta Insurance Council 7.5 hours Adjusters, General Certificates
    2) General Insurance Council of Manitoba 7.5 hours
    3) General Insurance Council of Saskatchewan 0 hours Technical