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  • Seminar Series: Professionalism and Ethics

  • Seminar Description

    This seminar introduces participants to professionalism and ethics as core components of their value as capable, competent and socially conscious employees in the insurance industry. Participants will discover and appreciate their value to employers as positive, professional and performance oriented people.

    Topics include the influence of attitude on corporate culture, anticipating and successfully adapting to change, networking, self presentation, managing priorities and making ethical decisions. There will be special focus on challenges facing employees in the insurance industry.

    This seminar consists of ten (10) sections of material delivered in a one (1) day period.

    Seminar Outline

    Section 1 The Insurance Professional 30 minutes
    Section 2 The Influence of Attitude 30 minutes
    Section 3 Anticipating and Successfully Adapting to Change 60 minutes
    Section 4 The Role of Education and Development 60 minutes
    Section 5 Maturity 45 minutes
    Section 6 Networking Strategies 45 minutes
    Section 7 Identifying and Responding to Societys Sensitivities 45 minutes
    Section 8 Positive Self-Image 45 minutes
    Section 9 Managing Priorities 30 minutes
    Section 10 Making Ethical Decisions 60 minutes


    Continuing Education Credits – ID #3540

    1) Alberta Insurance Council 7.5 hours Accident and Sickness, Adjusters, General, Life Certificates
    2) General Insurance Council of Manitoba 7.5 hours
    3) General Insurance Council of Saskatchewan 0 hours Technical