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  • Seminar Series: Slip and Fall Liability Claims – Tis the Season

  • Seminar Description

    This seminar introduces participants to the processes involved in investigating, negotiating and settling slip and fall liability claims. Information and exercises will help improve the participants understanding of the unique nature of slip and fall liability claims and the venues they occur in.

    Participants also explore the challenges faced in settling such claims and discover alternatives to litigation.

    This seminar consists of seven (7) sections of material delivered in a one (1) day period.

    Seminar Outline

    Section 1 The Occupier Defined and Legal Responsibilities 60 minutes
    Section 2 Residential Exposures and Claims 60 minutes
    Section 3 Defence Counsels Perspective 120 minutes
    Section 4 Business/Commercial Exposures and Claims 60 minutes
    Section 5 Municipal Liability Claims 60 minutes
    Section 6 Nature and Treatment of Injuries 60 minutes
    Section 7 Challenges of and Alternatives to Litigation 30 minutes


    Continuing Education Credits – ID #2219

    1) Alberta Insurance Council 7.5 hours Adjusters, General Certificates
    2) General Insurance Council of Manitoba 7.5 hours
    3) General Insurance Council of Saskatchewan 0 hours Technical