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  • Seminar Series: The Condominium Unit Owner’s Policy – Accelerated Version

  • Seminar Description

    This seminar provides participants with an advanced study of various Condominium Unit Owner’s Forms with special focus on policy features and structure. Information and exercises will improve the participant’s understanding of the differences between condominiums and other types of buildings in respect to ownership, occupancy and legal responsibility.

    The case studies allow participants to develop their skills in identifying the unique protection needs of the condominium unit owner, responding with appropriate coverages, and providing clear policy explanations and interpretations for consumers. This seminar consists of eleven (11) sections of material delivered in a 4 hour period including a fifteen (15) minute break.

    Seminar Outline

    Section 1 What is a Condominium? 20 minutes
    Section 2 Structure and Responsibilities of the Corporation 20 minutes
    Section 3 Condominium Legislation in Alberta 20 minutes
    Section 4 Insured Perils 30 minutes
    Section 5 Unit Improvements and Betterments Coverage 15 minutes
    Section 6 Loss Assessment Coverage 15 minutes
    Section 7 Unit Additional Protection Coverage 15 minutes
    Section 8 Common Exclusions 15 minutes
    Section 9 Liability Exposures 30 minutes
    Section 10 Sales Synergy 15 minutes
    Section 11 Case Studies 30 minutes

    Continuing Education Credits

    1) Alberta Insurance Council 3.75 hours Adjusters, General Certificates
    2) General Insurance Council of Manitoba 3.75 hours
    3) General Insurance Council of Saskatchewan 3.75 hours Technical