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  • Slip and Fall Fast Track, the Accelerator Small Slip for Man…or Woman

    1. The problem, balancing rights between land occupiers and visitors

    2. Some solutions that eventually stopped working Duties based on distinctions of why visitors come on to  property : Licensees. Invitee

    3. The Uninvited; Trespassers. 

    4. A reoccurring Problem, Children trespassers

    5. A solution, An Act based on a British paper

    6. The Occupiers Liability Act, some salient points
    7. Implementation 

    8. Concluding thoughts

     This seminar is presented by George Cooper

    Continuing Education Credits – ID #39089

    1) Alberta Insurance Council 3.75 hours General, Adjusters
    2) General Insurance Council of Manitoba 3.75 hours
    3) General Insurance Council of Saskatchewan 3.75 hours Technical