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  • What We Do

  • AIE offers a comprehensive training program for the insurance professional and will guide you through the different stages of your insurance career. We have 27 years in the industry and we know what it takes to be a successful insurance professional.

    Our coaching program is unique in the industry and is a great resource to get you up and running quickly and confidently!

  • Our training program is aimed at helping you succeed in that critical first year. We will:

    • Prepare you for The Alberta Insurance Council’s Licensing Certificate (classroom and tutoring)
    • Develop the skills to find a job
    • Discover techniques on how to do your job well
    • Offer support and guidance when you have questions (seminar, email or Facebook group)
    • Share our resource material that will support you in your insurance career (Broker’s bible of insurance)
    • Assist in helping you find a practicum position (Premium package only) 

    If you run into problems, we are only an email away!

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  • This level of training will take your insurance career to the next level. We will:

    • Offer Level 2 training or your choice of seminars for 15 credits
    • Discover the core sales and marketing skills that will take your portfolio to the next level
    • Develop a custom marketing strategy that will work best for you
    • Bi-monthly coaching sessions to monitor progress and keep you on track

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