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  • Winning in the Workplace

  • Regardless of the size or type of organization that you work for, there are common skills required for success. This seminar is designed to equip the newer employee with key strategies and tools to succeed in the workplace. The seminar will introduce skills to increase effectiveness in time management and decision making along with personal skills such as increasing resilience and credibility. In addition, each participant will come away with a Success Reference Guide that they have worked with throughout the day.

    Seminar Learning Outcomes

    The participant will learn how to proactively plan for and respond to a variety of situations that occur in the workplace, to facilitate a successful career.

    Seminar Topics

    The following topics will be covered in this seminar. Time Management

    • How are you using your time?
    • Proven concepts and systems
    • Effective use of technology

    Problem solving and making decisions

    • Know what you’re trying to solve
    • Use appropriate models for different situations
    • Convert decisions into action

    Personal Foundations

    • Enhance credibility and image
      • Focus on your Key Result Areas
      • Develop key relationships and understand the informal network
      • Manage your relationship with your boss
      • Understand and work with office politics
      • Stay visible
    • Build resilience
    • Maintain personal values and integrity – challenges and guidelines
    • Enjoy your work!

    Seminar Delivery

    This seminar will be participative with the introduction of tools and exercises that will be practiced and discussed in the classroom. Real-life examples will be used to illustrate key concepts.  This seminar is presented by Maria Saley.

    Continuing Education Credits – ID #32831

    1) Alberta Insurance Council 7.5 hours General, Adjuster, Life, Accident & Sickness Certificate
    2) General Insurance Council of Manitoba 7.5 hours
    3) General Insurance Council of Saskatchewan 7.5 hours Technical