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  • This program is for people who have been a CSR/ Junior Broker for at least 1 year and would like to move their career to be an insurance broker. 

  • Insurance Training PackagesValue Basic TrainingPremium Training Broker Training
    Student pre-requisiteNoneNoneCSR for 1 year minimum
    Level 1 in first year OR Level 2 OR Choice of seminars for 15 credits$1100.00 x x x
    Asking the right question seminar (half day - zoom with pdf)$250.00 x x N/A
    Tutoring for the exam$300.00 x x N/A
    Broker's bible of insurance$350.00 x x N/A
    Facebook Support Group (Closed Group)$900.00 x x x
    Insurance Support Helpline$1000.00x x N/A
    How to find a job seminar$200.00 x x N/A
    Customer Service Workshop – How to create raving fans so they keep coming back!$200.00 x x x
    Placement Services for Practicum$1000.00 x N/A
    Pitch Perfect Workshop – Craft a captivating marketing message and how to bring it alive! $200.00 x
    Strategic Selling and Marketing Workshop – Get more customers to say "YES” faster and more often!$200.00 x
    NCP Marketing Strategy Package – Create a marketing strategy aimed at your target market$750.00 x
    Individual Sales & Marketing Coaching – Accountability meetings every 2 weeks to discuss marketing strategy and to stay on track.$3600.00 x
    VALUE PER YEAR$4300.00$5300.00$6950.00
    PER MONTH MEMBERSHIP COST$300.00$350.00$500.00
    TOTAL YEARLY SAVINGS$700.00 $1100.00$950.00
    • Team Sales & Marketing Accountability Meetings available monthly – starting at $300/m

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