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  • Managing Your Expectations

  • Managing Your Expectations …
    when everyone wants a piece of you

    Expectations can motivate us to realize our highest hopes and dreams. Expectations can also be debilitating and leave us frustrated, resentful and angry. Persons who experience the common reality of having too many expectations thrust upon them, often find that at the end of the day their time was spent on issues that were of little, to at best, slight importance in the long run.

    This workshop will engage you to look at your own expectations and the expectations that others have of you. You will utilize specific tools that will help you to prioritize all of these expectations.

    You will become aware of the "emotional hooks" that interfere with your desired results.

    You will establish strong, healthy, effective yet flexible goals to help guide how you engage your expectations.

    You will leave the workshop with effective strategies for Managing Your Expectations.

    Continuing Education Credits – ID #51461 accredited for 3.75 hours all license classes


  • Instructor

    A Martha 7 Workshop

    Facilitated by Ron Semenoff BA MPS OFS of Martha 7 Counselling