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  • Asking the Right Questions: Auto & Property

  • New Broker Training Series!

  •  Ideal for:   Newly Licensed Brokers 
                     Newly Hired Brokers 
                     Seasoned Brokers 

  • Why should you take these seminars?

    • Learn front-line underwriting to capture all the information the underwriters need! 
    • Work proficiently and effectively by consistently asking the right questions! 
    • Reduce the possibility of an errors & omissions claim by having consistency in your workflow! 

    Imagine getting the RIGHT information from the client up-front and end costly errors that annoy your clients by having to go back and forth. With these seminars, you can eliminate unnecessary wasted time and save money!

    In these seminars, you will: 

    • Receive the complete list of questions that need to be asked to capture the RIGHT information underwriting needs to process or modify the policy. 
    • Get an easy template to follow to help direct the process
    • Create a strategy to ensure the correct products are provided to the client
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