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  • Residential Systems

  • This seminar provides in-depth explanations of the systems in a home and how they interact with each other to contribute to the effective and safe operation of a dwelling. Upon completion attendees will have a better understanding of how different components of these systems work and the purpose they serve. The material presented will help participants knowledgeably discuss these components with customers and thus ensure appropriate coverage is offered. High risk/inferior items will be discussed to inform attendees of less desirable risks as well as superior products that make for a better risk. Topics included in this presentation:

    • The importance of permits and building codes
    • Homeowner renovations
    • Electrical system
      • Service feed
      • Fuses/breakers
      • High risk electrical scenarios
      • Electrical theory (flow, grounding, wiring, circuit protection, etc.)
      • Types of wiring
      • Receptacles
      • Junction boxes
      • Thermal imaging
    • Heating system
      • Types of heating systems
      • Depressurization
      • High risk heating systems
      • Exhaust flues
    • Plumbing system
      • Municipal water supply
      • Private water supply
      • Supply and waste lines
      • Piping material
      • High risk plumbing materials
      • Causes of deterioration
      • Public sewage lines
      • Private sewer systems
    • Roof system
      • Types of roofing material
      • Roof styles
      • Areas vulnerable to deterioration
      • Factors contributing to deterioration
      • Flashing
      • Eavestrough and downspouts

    3.75 hours (General, Adjuster)



    Residential Systems


    3.75 Credit Hours for Adjuster, General. 

    Starts On:
    May 27, 2020
    8:30 AM
    Ends On:
    May 27, 2020
    12:30 PM