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  • Personality Dimensions@ is the latest evolution in understanding yours and other
    people’s personalities using empirically sound Canadian research. Through interactive
    self” discovery, you will uncover insightful information about yourself and others and in
    turn, enhance your ability to work with others: one of the key components in
    contributing to job success.

    You will discover your strengths and unique gifts, allowing you to capitalize on your
    strengths and overcome your weaknesses in any work setting. This knowledge will allow
    you and your team to experience higher morale and productivity and detect potential
    gaps and differences. Participants will also gain an appreciation of the different
    preferences of others, thereby improving interpersonal relations. For managers, it will
    assist in organization of effective teams and reduce time spent managing interpersonal
    issues. For sales people, you will be able to more readily identify your client’s needs,
    thereby enhancing your sales skills and increasing your closing ratio.

    This seminar is presented by Lana Bullough


    Continuing Education Credits – ID #43034

    1) Alberta Insurance Council 2.0 hours
    Adjuster Certificate
    2) General Insurance Council of Manitoba 2.0 hours
    3) General Insurance Council of Saskatchewan 2.0 hours