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  • David P. Stark, B.Ed., LLB, FCIP – Facilitator

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    David is a graduate from the Faculty of Law, University of Alberta, and a member of the Law Society of Alberta. David is an enthusiastic and effective mediator with over 20 years experience in the field of Alternate Dispute Resolution. He brings a quiet confidence to the area of conflict management and ADR.

    He is highly motivated and his principal strengths include communication, creativity, initiative and problem solving.

    At a corporate level, among his significant achievements were the development and implementation of programs for improving individual and team performance in:

    • Bodily injury and major property claim investigation and settlement.
    • Litigation management, mediation and negotiation.

    A commitment to excellence and a sincere desire to help people succeed in cost effective Appropriate Dispute Resolution are his most notable characteristics. David has participated in over 1200 mediations, and over 350 as a mediator, in Western Canada and the USA, in the areas of personal injury, general liability claims, fire losses, disability claims, wills and estate cases, life insurance cases, construction losses, and insurance coverage matters of all kinds.

    David has been a volunteer for the Legal Education Society of Alberta, teaching the negotiation portion of the Bar Admission Course, since 1998, and teaches numerous CIP courses for the Insurance Institute of Southern Alberta and Mount Royal University. He has been a guest lecturer for interest based negotiation courses and Insurance Law, at the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary Law Schools.

    David is a co-author of a text book on Automobile Insurance used in the CIP program in Alberta, and at the Bissett School of Business at Mount Royal University, and is regular contributor to the Lawyers Weekly on Mediation related topics. David speaks often and widely on the benefits of interest based negotiation.

    David has a passion for fitness, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Yoga, tandem biking with his autistic son and music. David lives and works out of Calgary, Alberta, and can be contacted at starkd[at]shaw.ca or 403.969.7967