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  • Lana Bullough – Facilitator

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    Lana is an award winning speaker, trainer, educator, musician and founder of her company You Unlimited. She has delivered seminars and keynote presentations in the area of stress, change and life balance offering her “live while you’re alive” message to thousands of individuals.

    Her background is in the field of Career Counselling including development and implementation of educational programs for youth. Lana has a passion for the study of human behaviour and has become an expert in the study of success and how we can create a “glass half full” kinda life. Throughout her professional career she has developed a unique combination of successful leadership and business management skills, serving on boards and volunteering in the arts and sports activities. She’s learned many life lessons she’d like to share with you.

    Lana recognizes that in order to have a satisfying and happy life – one must find balance, harmony and laugh a lot – out loud!!! Have you ever gone out to a formal dinner in your pajamas just for fun? Lana highly recommends it! Recently Lana went out for dinner in her pajamas and played the ukulele – double the fun!!