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  • Womanition 2018 – Looking For A Great New Career?

    September 20, 2018 | News
  • In today’s employment market, many people are getting frustrated with finding stable, viable careers. 

    Have you considered a career in the general insurance industry? Insurance is a recession proof industry because no matter what the economy is doing, there is always a need for insurance. As a general agent or broker, you help your clients understand what coverages are needed to protect their most valuable assets. 

    So how do I start a career as an insurance agent/broker? 

    Advance Insurance Educational Services Inc. (AIE) offers a comprehensive training program that focuses on preparing you for the front-line side of the industry. Our trainers have more than 27 years in the industry both on the front line and behind the scenes. We know what it takes to be a successful insurance professional. 

    Phase 1 – Obtain Education Level 1 General Agent/Broker certification 

    Phase 2 – Find a job in the field 

    Phase 3 – Get experience by building a clientele and developing a rapport with them 

    Phase 4 – Build your broker portfolio 

    Phase 5 – Establish yourself as a reliable, knowledgeable Senior Agent/Broker or Brokerage Owner 

    Our programs are unique to the industry and have been custom designed to take you from your first step to your last step and be there guiding you along the way as you grow into your fantastic career. 


  • So, do you have what it takes to be a general insurance agent/broker? 

    Well ask yourself this: When your friends or family celebrate their achievements, do you celebrate with them? When they suffer a loss, do you comfort them and empathize with them? That is what a general insurance agent/broker does. When your client buys a new car or their first home, you are there celebrating with them as much as you are protecting their new purchase with the best coverage you can find for them. When your client has suffered a loss, you are the one who is comforting them as you work to help them rebuild what they have lost. There is nothing more powerful then being able to say to your clients that in both the good times and the bad times, you will be there for them. That is where you come in as a general insurance agent/broker. 

    If you have these qualities and you are willing to learn then consider general insurance as your new career. 

    So, if you are ready to take that step to change your life and the lives around you, contact us for more information on a career in the general insurance industry! 

    Helene Wood, CIP 
    Advance Insurance Educational Services Inc.